Shike® Compound Electrolyte Intraocular Irrigating Solution

Product Features
More similar to the physiological environment of the eye. Glucose is specially added to energize cells and is packaged in separate bottles. The pH value and osmotic pressure are closer to aqueous humo
For intraocular washing during intraocular operation.

Preparation method: the compound electrolyte intraocular irrigating solution should be prepared before surgery in accordance with the same aseptic operations as the intravenous medication. First, remove (Part I) the outer dust cap of the bottle, clean and disinfect the rubber bottle stopper with an alcohol swab. Second, open the mouth of the bottle (Part II), use a sterile syringe to transfer the solution (Part II) into the solution (Part I), shake gently to mix the two solutions evenly (see the illustration at the back of the instructions). Record the preparation date and time. For intraocular ophthalmic irrigation, use the following dosages: 20-500ml for cataract surgery; 50-4000ml for vitreous surgery; 20-50ml for glaucoma surgery or determine the dosage according to intraoperative needs.

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